Never pay to much for web maintenance again! Sign up today, cancel anytime.

Never pay to much for web maintenance again! Sign up today, cancel anytime.

Website Maintenance Plans are quoted below in monthly rates, for monthly blocks of hours. As the block of hours increase, so does the discount percentage on the hourly rate. Now have a talented team of website professionals behind you when it comes time to make changes.

So why do I need website maintenance services?

Your Search Engine Rankings Depend On It

If you look at usage and traffic statistics related to business websites, there is overwhelming proof that out of date websites get far less visitors. Why? Because when potential clients search Google for something, the results they are shown are categorized and prioritized by Google’s ever-changing weighting system.  When a site goes for a length of time without any new content, or updated information, Google’s system assumes this site is inactive and your rankings will slip.



More Content means More Visitors

The more content you add to your website, the more pages Google has to index.  So, not only will your website benefit from the activity – but with new content coming online, your site will have that many more chances to be found during a search. Send as much content as you want to your dedicated agent, the total monthly cost will be discounted by your respected plan.*


focus----rirweb.comFocus on what YOU like to do.  Let the experts handle the website.

For small businesses and large businesses alike, this is a very important distinction.  All too often, website maintenance is assigned to an individual or department that has many other tasks that are more pressing.  When you also consider that they may not be equipped to easily update the website, you have a recipe for website stagnation.  Having an outside agency helping keep the website up to date, frees you AND your employees to focus on what you are good at, and building your business!


Let us keep you and your website on task!

A customized content management plan, Rirweb goes beyond simple website maintenance services and helps equip our clients to not only stay up to date – but to thrive online as well.